With Referral Dives you can complete your certification if you have already finished the theoretical and pool practices parts. It is a two-day complementary course and includes: four dive immersions in the sea. GPS and wetsuit. For PADI. NAUI, and SSI dive agencies.


-Biodegradable sunblock
-Change of clothes
-Cash (for marine park tax, tips and souvenirs)
-It is advised not to eat at least two hours before your diving session


-Divers certificate
-Snacks (at restaurant, after the activity)
-PADI certification
-Four dives in the sea
-Equipment required for the course
-Roundtrip transportation
-Wetsuit and GPS


-Marine Park tax ($2 USD)
-Video and photographs (extra charge)


-You must show the referral documents signed by the diving school where you made the initial course
-Minimum age to participate: 12
-This tour is not suitable for pregnant women, people with recent surgeries of the ear, heart or lungs; people with heart conditions, claustrophobia, diabetes, lung collapse, epilepsy, asthma, high blood pressure; and people who have consumed alcohol or drugs
-Avoid alcohol at least 12 hours prior to the diving activity
-You should not fly within the next 12 hours after the last dive
-Do not bring valuables

Activity LENGTH

2 d


Monday to Saturday at 9:30 am