2 July, 2018 Maroma Adventures

Summer is here! The perfect season to enjoy a vacation. The beaches in Riviera Maya are some of the best summer beach destinations in the world. Their white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are known to be a tropical paradise. But, also during this season, masses of sargassum (seaweed) get to this pristine beaches from the ocean. Although this is a natural phenomenon, it may cause some annoyance during your vacation. Let’s learn a little more about sargassum: it is a type of seaweed that when floating on the ocean is home to a huge variety of sea life. And once on land, it helps in…

28 December, 2017 Maroma Adventures 1Comment

Are you an ecotourism lover? If you are looking for a new natural paradise to live an adventure in your vacations, don’t look any further. On the coastlines of the Mexican Caribbean, is located the world’s most beautiful natural reserves: Punta Maroma. A destination that perfectly matches a jungle scene, the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea, great weather and diverse wildlife. We invite you to discover all that Punta Maroma has to satisfy your traveler soul. (more…)