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Summer is just around the corner! And that means it´s time to enjoy an amazing vacation. Maroma Beach at MaromaAdventures offers the cleanest, most beautiful beach in the Riviera Maya. It is voted by Conde Nast and the Travel Channel as one of the world´s top ten beach destinations. Maroma Beach´s soft, white sand and turquoise waters attract thousands of worldwide visitors every year.

However, you may have been reading about masses of sargassum (seaweed) that have been arriving at the beaches of Mexico´s Riviera Maya. Although this is a natural phenomenon, it may cause some annoyance during your vacation. So doing your homework before you arrive is a good idea.

Maroma Beach: The Cleanest Beach in the Riviera Maya

Let’s learn a little more about sargassum: it is a type of seaweed that when floating on the ocean is home to a huge variety of sea life. And once on land, it helps in preventing beach erosion. We can find various hypotheses regarding its origin, but one of them says that it floats all the way from the Sargasso Sea located in the Atlantic Ocean.

But there’s no need to worry, there are many clean and beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya, and Maroma Adventures is the best example.

Maroma Adventures’ staff make a huge effort every day to preserve its beauty by keeping it seaweed free. Here you will have a blast with an array of fun activities. Gaze in awe at colorful tropical fish and beautiful coral formations. Explore the jungle at the wheel of an ATV. Admire the tropical on a camel safari.  Have you ever felt the exhilaration of a speed boat ride on the Caribbean Sea?  Or perhaps you want to try a relaxing horseback riding tour.  Whether it is high octane thrill seeking or just relaxation you are looking for, at Maroma Adventures there´s something for everyone to enjoy.

Maroma Beach is sargassum free
Maroma Beach is voted as one of the world´s top 10 beaches

Special Events

And finally, if you are looking for the idyllic location to celebrate that special event, Maroma offers the perfect setting for weddings, vow renewals, anniversaries and corporate events. Let Maroma Adventures´ event planning experts manage every detail for you.

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