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If you are one of those people who love ecotourism activities or experiencing new adventures, there is a center of activities that is located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Maroma Adventures. It is located at kilometer 55 of the Cancun-Chetumal highway and promises to offer you a day full of fun activities.

So that you can make the most of your visit, we’ll tell you about the horseback riding and the speedboat ride.

Horseback riding through the Mayan jungle

Last weekend in search of adventure we went to the Maroma Adventures activities center. The first stop of our activity package was the horse ride around Maroma.
At the beginning, as in all tours, our guide gave us the instructions to control the horses and avoid any mishaps. With helmets and a towel to cover the saddle, each of the group of seven people were riding one by one on the horses.

In a line with a horses behind one another we started our journey through a landscape full of exotic plants, mudflowers and the typical Caribbean heat.

While we advanced, our guide explained to us the two types of mangrove that we would find: red and white. We went from the red mangrove with tall branches to the white ones and short ones that on the way overflowed a stretch of water through which the horses walked happily. A little further on, a kind of lagoon, housed a small nest of crocodiles that sunned at noon.

For the end of the tour we touched the beach part, which allowed us to enjoy the beauty of Punta Maroma. A small grove of palm trees, white sand and the turquoise sea reflecting the sky was the scene worthy of a good photograph.
After 2 hours of walking, the tour ended with a farewell of the riders to their horse to move on to the next activity, or simply to take a little sun on the beach.Horseback Riding in Maroma Adventures

Satisfy fierce hunger

After a beautiful horse ride of course we returned hungry, so we decided to eat something before going to the speedboats. The Cocotales restaurant opted for the buffet option -although if you want you can also order a la carte– and take a little bit of all the delights. Among the BBQ meat, roasted chicken, pasta and salads we satisfied our hunger and got well hydrated to continue with the itinerary.

Cocotales restaurant in Maroma Adventures

The aquatic excitement of speed boats

With still a lot of energy we went to the speed boat tour that basically is a ride that lets you discover Punta Maroma from the water. We left everything that could get wet in a special locker for users of this activity. If you want to capture the moment of adrenaline it’s recommended to bring 4k cameras and cell phones with waterproof protectors.
Before boarding the boats the guide kindly gave us the three basic instructions: to shake an arm in circles is to increase speed, to shake hands down is to lower the speed and arms up shaking is help.

After that we ignited the engines and began the journey out to 3 kilometers from the shore, where the boats reached an incredible acceleration that allowed us to jump between the waves. A circuit of laps at a distance of about 5 km we were coming and going between the waves of the sea. After 40 minutes of extreme emotion, our water tour through the waves and our day at the Maroma Adventures activities center ended.

So, if you are looking for a place to satisfy your desire for adrenaline and adventure, we invite you to come visit Maroma Adventures. You can book any of the activities from the website.

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