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Are you an ecotourism lover? If you are looking for a new natural paradise to live an adventure in your vacations, don’t look any further. On the coastlines of the Mexican Caribbean, is located the world’s most beautiful natural reserves: Punta Maroma. A destination that perfectly matches a jungle scene, the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea, great weather and diverse wildlife.

We invite you to discover all that Punta Maroma has to satisfy your traveler soul.

Nature’s Wonder

Maroma nature
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Punta Maroma is well known for its white sand coastlines, crystal clear waters with ranges of turquoise and its colorful reef. It’s also part of the Mesoamerican Reef system, which is the second largest in the world. The reef begins north of Contoy Island and ends in Honduras Bay. It’s provided with a marine biodiversity of 65 coral species, 350 varieties of mollusks and 500 kinds of fish. Moreover, it’s the refuge of numerous endangered species, like turtles, manatees, American crocodiles, among others.

Also, Punta Maroma is located in an ancient Mayan region, so the culture and the gastronomy will be part of your experience.

Getting There

Maroma location

Maroma is located 30 miles south of Cancun. There are several ways of transportation, from the shuttle to the local public bus, which will cost 30 pesos from downtown to Cancun. The entrance is by the Maroma Adventures activity center; you will only have to pay your entrance admission to enjoy the beach and available activities.


Lobster in Maroma
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Within Punta Maroma you may have some food options such as El Dorado Maroma Resort –where you can stay and enjoy your time in the region– and the Maroma Adventures restaurant. Both places offer classic traditional dishes from the Yucatan cuisine. Wouldn’t you like to eat a few panuchos, or some cochinita pibil tacos? Or if you prefer, you can also order something from the seafood specialties.

Things to Do

Camel riding Maroma Adventures

One of the best areas to experience sports and aquatic activities is Maroma Adventures, which offers activities for every taste. From the classic snorkeling and scuba diving to discover the reef and its species, to extreme sports such as parasailing, wave runners and speed boats for adventure seekers. If you rather spend some time relaxing and getting to know the place, don’t worry, there’s something else for you. What about a boat trip on a catamaran watching the beautiful sunset and the crystal clear Caribbean water? Of course, for eco-souls there are horseback or camel tours through the incredible and picturesque Mayan jungle. Cool isn’t?

Now that you know all that Punta Maroma has to offer, venture out and book your visit to this tropical paradise for your holidays. If you want to book any of Maroma Adventures’ activities you can click here.

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