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Did you know that at Maroma Adventures you can do some exciting and fun camel riding? Well this is certainly a very entertaining and unique activity to engage in during your stay in Riviera Maya. Camels are friendly and domesticated creatures that are fun to ride along the beach and among the Maya jungle.

Here are some interesting facts about these animals, so you have a good idea about them before taking your tour. Camels are sweet, smart, social animals that can get along really well with people, even kids. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and have been human companion and help in some cultures.

Fun Camel Facts

Camels are very strong animals and manage to hold out without water for long periods of time. This is due to their blood cell shape (oval instead of circular) that eases the blood to flow even when dehydrated. They do not keep water in their humps. These are actually made of fat which provides insolation from the harsh hot weather. And talking about weather, camels have 2 rows of eyelashes to keep dusty wind away from their eyes.   They can also close up their nostrils for the same effect.

They have a reputation for spitting a lot.  Yes, they do spit, but this only occurs if they become distressed. As they are already used to being around people, this won´t happen.

Now for the camel ride

This a 45 minute ride that can be done with family and friends. You should take sunglasses, comfortable clothing and wear sunscreen as you will be riding along the beach and also through vegetation. There will also be also time to hang out with the camels.  So take your camera to capture this unique moment at Maroma Adventures, located at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!


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