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At Maroma Beach mythical Mayan creatures called Aluxes (alooshes) watch over the beach and serve as guardians.  However if we don´t respect them, all kinds of chaos can occur.

When the bridge to the airport was being built, the architects and engineers were baffled by the fact that it kept falling apart for no apparent reason. Locals of Mayan descent pointed out that they had not asked for permission to construct the bridge. The architects and engineers insisted that all government permissions were in place, but the locals clarified that they also needed permission from the Aluxes.


Similar to Irish leprechauns or European gnomes and fairies, Aluxes (pronounced ah-loosh-es) are mysterious and mythical creatures in the Maya culture. A Maya priest conducts a ceremony to give birth to an Alux.  Aluxes are believed to protect their owners and their owners´property. These light and agile creatures are rarely seen and when not treated well, they can wreak havoc. They aren’t evil, in the case of the airport bridge they were simply guarding their land.

At Maroma Beach the Aluxes ARE treated with respect. They bring good luck and success to an operating environment that is at the mercy of mother nature. In October 2005 hurricane Wilma whipped the Yucatan coastline. Amazingly, Maroma Beach was left with MORE sand while other beaches in the region were left barren. Could this simply be put down to luck? Or were other forces at work?

Next time you visit Maroma Adventures at Maroma Beach, consider leaving a small offering for the Aluxes. When treated well through offerings of food, honey, corn, and tobacco, aluxes protect property from thieves or others wishing to do harm.

Look out for small houses or shelters built out of respect for Aluxes in some resorts, hotels and even roads throughout the Yucatan.

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