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Have you ever asked yourself what football stars do to unwind in the off season? Like everyone here at Maroma Adventures, they love to try their hand at deep sea fishing.

Footballers that Fish

When he is not sticking the ball in the back of the net for Liverpool FC and Egypt, Mohamed Salah, Liverpool FC and Egypt`s talisman goal scorer loves nothing better than to spend some time putting fish in the back of the net. Mo Salah uploaded some spectacular vacation fishing pictures to show his 28.5million Instagram followers a couple of fine catches.

Maroma Adventures
Mo Salah deep sea fishing. Credit: Instagram

And it seems Mo will never fish alone as Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Aguero and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are all keen fishermen too.

The world’s best player also knows a thing or two about fishing coming from Madeira, the fishing capital of Portugal. Having just lead Portugal to Nations league glory, he will most certainly be spending the off season doing what he loves best.

Maroma Adventures
Cristiano Ronaldo`s fishing spot is Madeira, Portugal. Credit: Instagram

Would you have guessed that Sergio Aguero loves to angle? Back in 2014, the Argentinian forward took up fishing when he was out injured.

Maroma Adeventures
Footballers that fish

Maroma Adventures

If you have seen pictures similar to these on Instagram please let us know. Perhaps you would also relish the chance to live the marine high life.  Most importantly, this certainly is not a big ticket expense when you come and spend the day at Maroma Adventures. As well as fishing we have endless pristine beaches and our marina also offers private yachts and watersports galore.

Immerse yourself with scuba diving and snorkeling adventures beneath the waves. You will get to see the amazing corals of Mexico`s Mesoamerican reef. And for some really unique Instagram pics, you can ride camels at our Mexican beach oasis. ATVs and parasailing complete the line-up of 12 amazing adventures that will leave you exhilarated.

Therefore, book your own private deep sea fishing excursion with Maroma Adventures now, and you too will be posting pics like the stars on Instagram.


Maroma Adventures
Zlatan has his own lake

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